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“corporate cosmetics” project is an attribution to Camus’s “l’étranger”; it tells the familiar story of alienation of an average “white collar” worker.

In the re-purposed “cosmetics” jars, you can find the phrases that shows the main pillars of becoming estranged  to yourself, in the corporate life of today.

Phrases  are written in my native language, Turkish. I added the English translations with explanations where necessary.


“Şarjın biterse ne olur?”

“What if your (mobile devices’) charge go off?” Or  “What if batteries (of your mobile devices) die?”

“Arandın ve ulaşılamadın”

“You have been called, but you haven’t been reached.” In Turkish using passive voice in this context sound very formal and underlines the failure.

“Daha az alırsan, daha az olursun."

“If you get less (not only like less salary, but also like a smaller room, less number of people in your team, even a further parking spot…), you exist/become less.”


“Yetkinlik Yetenek Yeterli Yetki Yetiş Yetin Yetiştir”

Yetkinlik(Competency/Skill) - Yetenek (Skill/Talent) - Yeterli (Enough) - Yetki (Authorization) - Yetiş (Keep up with the work) - Yetin (Be Content with what you have) – Yetiştir (Improve yourself & your skills)

All these words are from the same root verb“yet“ in Turkish.  

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